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PCY-D Low-temperature dilatometer


I. Overview
The PCY-D cryogenic expansion coefficient measuring instrument for detecting a solid inorganic, organic material, polymers, polymer materials, metallic / non-metallic material, rubber, plastics, metal products of the low-temperature expansion properties. Through to completion of the present instrument can be the variables of the sample line, linear expansion coefficient, the coefficient of volumetric expansion, the rapid thermal expansion, softening temperature, and their variation curve. User requirements can also be noted in the samples protective atmosphere, vacuum, vacuum degree 0.1MPa.
Second, the technical parameters
Experimental temperature range: -40-100 ° C, of ??-30-100 ° ,0-300 ° C.
2, the heating rate computer program automatically set the temperature control accuracy of 0.1 ° C.
3, a computer automatically calculate the coefficient of expansion, the expansion coefficient, the amount of linear expansion, acute and thermal expansion.
Automatically calculate the compensation factor and automatic compensation can also be manually corrected (Online).
5, automatically recording, storing, printing the number noted in print temperature - expansion coefficient curve.
Temperature pitch free to set the minimum distance between 0.1-1 ° C.
6, the expansion value measurement range: ± 5mm.
7, measuring the expansion of value-resolution 0.1-1um automatic calibration range.
8, the sample range (2-15) x (2-15) × (20-150) mm, cylindrical / square can be.
9, imported linear bearing drive, expansion value excellent friction transmission, transmission accuracy and repeatability.
10, system measurement error: ± 0.1-0.5%.
11, power supply voltage: 220V ± 10%, 0.5KW.
12, low temperature coefficient of expansion analyzer equipped with a standard computer interface, associated with a general-purpose computer, all test operations are computer interface, easy to operate, easy to learn and provides a full set of software. 






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